These are links to the special blogs that I read regularly.

Christian Links

  • The Epignosis Project– an exercise every Christian should do.
  • speakpeacealways – this is really special, original, wonderfully inspirational. A Must Read.
  • Little did she know – Very thoughtful, inspiring, accessible Christian blog. Links to many other good ones.
  • Twirly Girl – quality pondering on christian living; writes rarely but always worth reading.
  • Footprints in Faith – a youth mission worker from the UK in South Africa.
  • Thin Worn Image– a wonderful collection of profound readings.
  • One with the Pastor – a pastor’s wife who shares effectively in plain language.
  • Twitterpated – she’s wrestling with (Christian) dating issues and a clearly dysfunctional family.

Autism Links

  • Outrunning the Storm– excellent resource on autism.
  • Emma’s Hope Book – parents of autistic Emma share learning and growing; a parental experience of living with autism. A blessing, not a curse!
  • The Third Glance – she has autism, and shares her experience intelligently, openly and bravely.

General Links

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