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This is not one of my considered posts. Seminary’s out for the summer, and I’m going home later today. My phone rang at 02:05 this morning. It was over on the desk. “No one I know would be so inconsiderate,” … Continue reading

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Playing the grace card

All too often these days people – especially in South Africa – will “play the race card”. A judge, perhaps, is caught driving while drunk. Ah, no, he claims, he was never drunk. It was the white traffic officer who … Continue reading

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I was talking with a friend this morning about an upcoming four-day mission to a rural area, and our conversation got side-tracked, which is not unusual. But he said something which, if I was a cartoon figure, would have produced … Continue reading

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I love you

Three little words, to give voice to what fills and overflows from your heart. Three words to communicate a great abundance of caring, emotion, desire, closeness. Sometimes I think it’s a pity we aren’t telepathic. Then I come to my … Continue reading

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