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You Are Not–And Never Will Be–In Control. But It’s Okay!

Originally posted on The Year of Living Spiritually:
No Where to Turn Recently a good friend took his first job as a pastor. He asked several friends and pastors for advice on how to start this exciting and important calling.…

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Forget the Rules

Originally posted on Twirling Girl:
Stop trying so hard to follow all the “rules.” You can’t do it anyway. You aren’t made to be able, by sheer force of will, to do what is right. Stop beating yourself up for…

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Nearer my God, to Thee

I do love the wonderful words of the old hymns, which, alas, we are slowly losing. Language use is changing, has already changed, so that many of us are no longer able to relate to the message and the passion … Continue reading

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If you’re thirsty, drink water!

What do you usually drink when you’re thirsty? Maybe it is water – but the chances are, these days, it’s bottled, not what comes out of the tap. Assuming, that is, that you have piped water. I wrote an exam … Continue reading

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