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“Jesus is Lord!”, proclaim preachers and T-shirts, bumper stickers and wall plaques. “Give your life to Jesus”, calls the pastor, “and you will find that His yoke is easy, and His burden light. Make Jesus Lord of your life, and … Continue reading

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Playing the grace card

All too often these days people – especially in South Africa – will “play the race card”. A judge, perhaps, is caught driving while drunk. Ah, no, he claims, he was never drunk. It was the white traffic officer who … Continue reading

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There’s a woman in our pulpit!

Whether you would read this headline as an exclamation of alarm, or as an exclamation of joyous excitement, the chances are there will be someone who is not in accord with you. In fact, that’s just about a certainty. Some … Continue reading

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The Gospel foremost, and also

In conversation with a couple of fellow Christians in the laundry early this morning, we agreed on a couple of things which I believe are important. Christian ministry is far broader than preaching on a Sunday, or sharing my experience … Continue reading

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