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“Jesus is Lord!”, proclaim preachers and T-shirts, bumper stickers and wall plaques. “Give your life to Jesus”, calls the pastor, “and you will find that His yoke is easy, and His burden light. Make Jesus Lord of your life, and … Continue reading

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Playing the grace card

All too often these days people – especially in South Africa – will “play the race card”. A judge, perhaps, is caught driving while drunk. Ah, no, he claims, he was never drunk. It was the white traffic officer who … Continue reading

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Lord of Love

I am the LORD, I am your God. Lo, I love you with all My heart. Let Me serve you, let Me wash you. With My body let Me feed you, let Me pour out My blood for you; take … Continue reading

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Forget the Rules

Originally posted on Twirling Girl:
Stop trying so hard to follow all the “rules.” You can’t do it anyway. You aren’t made to be able, by sheer force of will, to do what is right. Stop beating yourself up for…

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Nearer my God, to Thee

I do love the wonderful words of the old hymns, which, alas, we are slowly losing. Language use is changing, has already changed, so that many of us are no longer able to relate to the message and the passion … Continue reading

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Saying ‘Grace’

When we ‘say grace’ before a meal, what does it mean to us? Is it just a habit, a liturgy for meals? A Christian observance? Are we asking God for His blessing upon the meal and the diners, or perhaps … Continue reading

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Dying to live

The Word of God tells us that those who keep their own life for themselves and to themselves; who hold their soul, their personality sacred and inviolate – they will die.  Luke 9:23-24 And he said to all, “If any … Continue reading

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Naomi, witness for the Lord

I recently had to do an academic exegesis from Ruth, which reminded me of the understated witness of Naomi. I’m sure you are familiar with the story, but to review the beginning and set the scene, very briefly: The family … Continue reading

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There’s a woman in our pulpit!

Whether you would read this headline as an exclamation of alarm, or as an exclamation of joyous excitement, the chances are there will be someone who is not in accord with you. In fact, that’s just about a certainty. Some … Continue reading

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Sit, Walk, Stand

A little book by Watchman Nee which has made a big difference to me and to many other Christians. It is an essential exposition of the major themes of Ephesians: Nee points out how we are, even now, seated in … Continue reading

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