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The God who is

Originally posted on your mess, His Message:
I’m reading Jack Hayford’s “Manifest Presence”. At one point he talks about how we worship God simply because of who He is. Hayford references Exodus 3:17, in which God tells Moses, “I Am…

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This is not one of my considered posts. Seminary’s out for the summer, and I’m going home later today. My phone rang at 02:05 this morning. It was over on the desk. “No one I know would be so inconsiderate,” … Continue reading

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Is Western Society Headless?

I remember Ouma (Granny) Van Niekerk. She was old, very old to us; we were little kids then. I remember her demand for quiet on Sunday afternoons, and how proper we had to be in church. I remember her kindness, … Continue reading

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Moving Elsewhere?

Due to the recent change implemented by WordPress in the way that the WP Reader handles posts, combined with the “this is the way it’s going to be, get used to it” response by WP to the complaints by many … Continue reading

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Feral Soul

Originally posted on Shootin' the Breeze:
Like a lost dog Or barn cat No longer tame No longer fed Hunting instead Without a master To provide Sustenance Security Stability Trusting no one Completely Not even itself As it tries To…

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O LORD, our servant

“Jesus is Lord!”, proclaim preachers and T-shirts, bumper stickers and wall plaques. “Give your life to Jesus”, calls the pastor, “and you will find that His yoke is easy, and His burden light. Make Jesus Lord of your life, and … Continue reading

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