I love you

Three little words, to give voice to what fills and overflows from your heart.
Three words to communicate a great abundance of caring, emotion, desire, closeness.
Sometimes I think it’s a pity we aren’t telepathic. Then I come to my senses and realise what a good thing we aren’t, at least in our present broken and sinful condition!
But I have been thinking about not being telepathic, and what that means for we who love at least some others.
It’s our (22nd) wedding anniversary tomorrow.
If I leave “I love you” to telepathy, I will hurt she who is dearest to me in the world.
No, I will be writing her a special poem, I will be cooking a special dinner for her, I will be doing all I can to demonstrate, to reveal, to share openly with her the yearning toward her, the care for her, the love and desire for her that stll burns in my heart.
I don’t write this to say what a wonderful husband I am. To tell the truth she has had to endure years of neglect, years when I went through dark depression, she has had to carry the load of caring for a bedridden husband with a broken spine, and she now must be the breadwinner in the family and provide for her husband who is, effectively not earning while he is at seminary. Do I sound like a great catch? I trust not!
And yet, I have to find ways to show her that I love her and appreciate her. Not just tomorrow, but every day that we have together.
So I am writing all this not to say, “What a good husband am I!”,
but to illustrate different ways in which we can be visible witnesses to the “I love you” which is afire in our hearts. Because we are not telepathic, and most of the time it is not enough to just say the words.
I’m not speaking only of romantic love; it is true of all love relationships.
As a minister, if I love my congregation, I must find more than words to show them that, or they may not know it. If I appreciate the labour of the cafeteria ladies, how will they know that unless I make it clear to them?
So, my point is this: if you love someone, find a way to show him or her or them how you feel, or they may never know it.

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3 Responses to I love you

  1. Love in action! This is what distinguishes true love from just a feeling.

    May you have a wonderful anniversary.

  2. May God bless you both on your wedding anniversary, and may He give you the grace to show your wife how much you love her in the way that she needs to hear it. Shalom!

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